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Medical Testing Service Provider Rapidly Deploys a
Verizon Wireless Mobile Network
with Cisco 819 LTE Routers
for Data, Voice and Video Applications


Medical Testing Provider Increases Customer Satisfaction and Cash Flow with Cisco & Verizon LTE Services

To gain a significant competitive edge, radically enhance customer service, and decrease Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) to almost 0, a state of the art medical testing service provider has deployed the Cisco ISR with integrated LTE services delivered by the Verizon Wireless Network

Business ChallengeCisco & Verizon SolutionBusiness Results

Prior to the project, the Provider’s customers – doctors in their offices throughout the country – had to endure slow response time for patient test results, didn’t have ready access to the Provider’s top experts, and had to manage a complex & costly billing and receivables process. For the Provider this yielded low customer satisfaction and high costs associated with poor cash flow.

After a rigorous design and Proof of Concept process, the Provider chose the Cisco 819 ISR with integrated Verizon LTE, Verizon Wireless LTE services, and the Cisco DX Series video endpoints to help address their issues. Primary project objectives were:

Rapidly deploy a private, secure network to the doctors’ offices

In order to provide new services necessary to resolve doctor’s issues, the Provider needed to ensure that the doctors had the necessary network services. The doctors all had disparate broadband networks, delivered by many different providers, that would not meet consistent service demands. So the Provider just deployed their own network!

To gain needed customer satisfaction increases, the networks needed to be provisioned in days, not weeks or months. The Cisco and Verizon team was able was able to provision the Cisco 819 and wireless LTE services from a single provider in days, and with limited disruption to the doctors and their business!

Deploy rich video and voice services

Providing doctor access to key toxicology and genetics specialists was critical.  And not just traditional voice access, but Enterprise grade video access to create a personal connection with doctors. And, the edge platform needed to provide routing with high performance and security to help address HIPAA requirements. Enter the Cisco 819 Integrated Services Router (ISR).

The Cisco 819 handled the video and voice requirement with proven, Enterprise class Cisco IoS Quality of Service (QoS) support. Additionally, IoS firewall and industry-first Multi-VRF support, delivering Dynamic Mobile Network Routing (DMNR) provided VPN flexibility to meet the demands of Voice and Video prioritization, in addition to high availability, high speed routing.

The Provider did also consider low end, low cost routers from other manufacturers, but these ISR capabilities allowed the Provider to deploy Enterprise class video, and helped the doctors address their HIPAA requirements for this “must work” project.

Eliminate a complex billing and receivables process

To eliminate the costly billing process, the Provider leveraged another part of the Cisco portfolio: the Cisco DX video endpoint series. Deploying the DX 650 and the DX 80 to doctor’s offices, the Provider was able to:

  • Deliver 1080p Enterprise class video for doctors, at the press of a button, to connect with Provider toxicology and genetics experts.
  • Allow doctors to use the DX as a Point of Sale terminal! The DX touch screen, and peripherals support for card readers, allows doctors to take patient payments at the point of sale and virtually eliminate Provider and doctor DSO, to greatly increase Provider cash flows, decrease costs associated with long DSO, and eliminate a complex and costly payment process for doctors!   This has greatly improved doctors’ satisfaction with the Provider.
  • Enable doctors to use the Document Camera on the DX 80 to show reports and collaborate in real time with the Providers experts to quickly resolve questions and eliminate confusion.   This allows the doctor’s to provide rapid response to their patients and increase their customers’ satisfaction.

Additionally, accessing Cisco’s single support organization for routing, call control & endpoints has further reduced complexity and cost for the Provider.

The Provider has met its must work project objectives. They rapidly deployed a private Verizon Wireless network, provided doctors with Enterprise class video services, and decreased DSO, all while increasing customer satisfaction.


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