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Connected transportation utilizes Cisco ISRs and Verizon LTE
to enhance safety, increase productivity for students, and
reduce transportation costs at a local school district.


School District Rapidly Deploys New, Connected Fleet of School Buses with Cisco & Verizon LTE Services

To increase student safety and better manage their bussing fleet, a local school district worked with Cisco and Verizon to implement an advanced video surveillance and fully connected bussing system.


Business ChallengeCisco & Verizon SolutionBusiness Results

Looking to replace their original telco, a local school districted jumped at the opportunity to participate in a Connected Bus pilot program with Cisco and Verizon which would allow them to gather real-time data about their buses.

The advanced Connected Bus pilot program, to help monitor the health and welfare of their bussing fleet, provided another safeguard in protecting their students while keeping school officials and parents up-to-date with real-time information. Solution benefits included:

Increased student security and parent piece of mind

Video surveillance allowed the district to monitor bus activity by seeing who was on the bus and when students departed. Worried parents who called asking about their child could quickly put their worries at ease instantaneously with the district’s ability to quickly review video surveillance.

Reduce on-the-road time and fuel costs

GPS monitors helped reduce on-the-road time and fuel costs by analyzing and monitoring existing bussing routes. Researched showed there were more efficient routes that could be taken.

Enhanced fleet wellness management

A fully connected system further showed the health and welfare of their bus fleet allowing them to keep their busses running at top notch.

Around-the-clock wireless access

24/7 wireless access giving students the opportunity to quickly connect to wifi to finish assignments without tapping into their own data plans.

A fully streamlined and connected fleet system that achieve unexpected benefits for the district from parent, student and faculty peace-of-mind with anytime online access to connect wherever and whenever needed, to cost savings for fleet management and route simplification.


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