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When you can’t afford the cost of compromise, consider betting on
the best in Enterprise Routing, and the best in Wireless networking.

Minimize Risk

Cisco 4G ISRs Enabled by Verizon XLTE!

Maximize Success

Bet on the Best

No Wires? No Worries.

What you worry? Of course you will have concerns about your high profile “must work” wireless projects, but performance and support of your network infrastructure need not be among them.


How will you place your bet?

By embarking on your wireless Business Continuity or IoT project, you will place a BIG bet with your success on the line. As with any bet, there is risk. Risk of project delays, cost overruns, lack of solution extensibility, or worst yet, the risk of project failure.  You and your company can’t afford that risk.

So, when you can’t compromise, consider betting on the best name in Enterprise Routing, and the best name in Wireless networking to help you deliver your project on time, within budget and backed by the two best, and proven product & support organizations in the industry, Cisco & Verizon.


Here’s Why!

Relationship OverviewJoint Approach

Cisco Gold since 1995, Verizon is a Cisco Powered Cloud and Managed Service & Collaboration Master Partner, with several other specialization and Advanced Technology certifications.1   Recent recognition of Verizon’s success with Cisco and joint customers include:

  • 2015 Service Provider Services Partner of the Year
  • 2014 Cisco Cloud Provider of the year2
  • 2013 Service Provider Data Center Cloud Partner of the year3

Verizon has built a significant sales and support practice with Cisco, and is one of Cisco’s largest customers.   As such, Verizon unique access to Cisco organizations to help Verizon’s customers.

Ultimately, the primary customer benefit of the deep linkage is the delivery products and services that help improve success and reduce risk.

 Cisco and Verizon jointly Design, Deliver and Improve products and services.


Design – Central to the partnership is a joint investment in Research & Development (R&D). Teams work together in labs and development centers across the US including Trevose PA, Richardson TX, and Cary NC to name a few. Verizon has created several managed services and reference designs around Cisco products and Cisco SRND best practices, with rigorous testing prior to customer delivery.

Get the Cisco ISR Best Practices for Verizon LTE to see one example of output from this joint R&D investment.

Deliver – Key to customer success is scaled and on time delivery of products and services. Verizon and Cisco have invested Millions of $$ in quoting, ordering and tracking systems to manage workflows from project inception to project completion. Additionally, both companies provide a full suite of professional and site services to minimize complexity of process and managing multiple providers.

View details of Verizon’s Cisco certifications, and Cisco Powered Services.

Optimize – Once deployed, day 2 support and optimization is critical to successful implementations. Verizon can provide proactive management through Cisco Powered designated managed services, and both organizations provide reactive technical support TAC (Technical Assistance Center). Verizon and Cisco TAC’s have been working together for over 2 decades with a proven record of resolving customer issues. Finally, both companies offer a suite of network services to help improve performance and reduce risk.

Bet on the Best.

No wires? No worries.

When your wireless Business Continuity and IoT projects matter most, and when you can’t compromise, Bet on the Best. Cisco and Verizon.

1. View details of Verizon’s Cisco certifications and Cisco Powered services.
2. Awarded at Cisco’s Partner Summit, spring 2015. Award for US & Canada.
3. Awarded at Cisco’s Partner Summit, spring 2014. Award for US & Canada.

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The Guide ― Cisco ISR Best Practices for Verizon LTE
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