Experience Seamless Connectivity with Machine to Machine Router Service.

Disruptions are costly. When wired connections fail or are unavailable, you need a reliable and cost-effective alternative. Verizon Wireless Machine to Machine Router Service provides your business and remote offices with a secure, high-speed wireless connection, so you can keep making phone calls, answering emails and accessing the data you need.


Why Choose Machine to Machine Router Service?

A cost-effective and reliable alternative to landline connections, our wireless Machine to Machine Router Service can:

  • Act as a primary connection for small businesses, retail stores and temporary offices.
  • Operate as a backup connection for large businesses and their extensions, including branch offices, retail stores, warehouses, banks or mall outlets.
  • Provide reliable connectivity between your main office and smaller branches with a Private IP connection.
  • Cost less than ISDN or other wireline solutions.
  • Offer a WWAN-optimized solution, perfect for deployment in a large and highly dispersed network.
  • Easily integrate with existing systems and machines.
  • Offer coverage on America’s largest 4G LTE network.



For the Best in IoT industrial routing, check out the 807 IR, 809 IR, and the 829 ISR, all with Verizon Wireless LTE! And, learn more about Verizon’s M2M services and price plans.



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