Take Control of Your Mobile Network

Verizon Wireless Private Network & Cisco ISRs


If you need a reliable wireless network for your must work Business Continuity and IoT projects, then you need Private Network services from Verizon Wireless and Cisco!

Verizon Wireless Private Network provides the best way to leverage 4G LTE for a segregated private network for your organization. And, your Verizon Private Network integrates seamlessly with your organization’s internal network via open standards.

And Cisco provides industry first Virtual Routing & Forwarding (VRF) support to integrate with, and improve the connection with Verizon Wireless Private Network services. Details can be found in Cisco ISR Best Practices for Verizon Wireless LTE Advanced, also known as The Guide.

Additionally Cisco ISRs are the first and only routers to support Verizon’s new Private Network Traffic Management (PNTM). PNTM is an enhancement for the 4G LTE Private Network that provides you with a premium and differentiated network experience through Quality of Service (QoS) capabilities using standards based IP packet marking. It allows you to create IP traffic preferences for mission-critical applications, secure a high level of service, and achieve more predictable application performance during times of peak network demand.

With this combination, your branch offices, and mobile and remote IoT devices, gain secure access to your organization’s services and systems. Your network’s reach can now extend everywhere in Verizon Wireless’ largest nationwide footprint!

Importantly, your corporate data is separated from public traffic, given a direct connection to your internal network, and your Voice and Video traffic can now gain QoS priority over the wireless network! And, you gain these benefits without losing network control. You set network the address and security policies of routers and devices, and gain simplified fault, performance and configuration management, and scaled support via a private network.


You Are In Charge!

With Verizon Wireless Private Network and Cisco’s ISR’s you:

Gain control over your network & devices

  • Seamlessly use 4G LTE as last mile Wide Area Network access to branches and remote sites.
  • The Dynamic Mobile Network Routing (DMNR) option advertises the Cisco ISR’s LANs for network access and management of any connected device.
  • Avoid the exposure of internal networks to the inherent risks of unsolicited public Internet traffic.
  • Control which wireless devices connect to the network.
  • Control which network resources the wireless devices and machines access.
  • Leverage the convenience of mobility and wireless to introduce new products and services to your customers.

Gain deployment & management flexibility

  • Quickly deploy a site, or use 4G LTE as backup without waiting for landline provisioning.
  • Eliminate the complexity of deploying and managing complicated device configurations and prem-based VPNs to establish network connectivity.
  • Gain private network access in the entire Verizon Wireless footprint.
  • Gain access to private cloud and public cloud services!
  • Gain scalability. As you identify new needs, you can quickly provision routers, smartphones, tablets, etc. for access.
  • Gain flexibility. If you change or add LANs to your LTE-connected sites, those networks are automatically reachable from your private network and services.
  • Gain interoperability. The Verizon Wireless Private Network can integrate with existing prem-based VPNs such as DMVPN, GRE and IPsec.

With Verizon Wireless Private Network and Cisco ISR’s, your line of business operations and employees connect to the network from more places, while keeping you firmly in control of management.

Your support personnel can add and manage devices on your own internal network. This empowers you to make mobile solutions part of your infrastructure and extend your core computing network further, faster and easier. There is no need for complicated device configuration, no need to worry if the connection is on or off, and no need for complicated support practices.

And, you gain confidence knowing that your private network is backed by the coverage, speed and reliability the Best and Best. Verizon and Cisco can provide a reliable wireless network for your must work Business Continuity and IoT projects!



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The Guide ― Cisco ISR Best Practices for Verizon LTE
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