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New! The Cisco 829 ISR

with Verizon Wireless LTE Advanced

You need a rapidly deployable, highly available and secure device designed specifically for your “must work” mobile IoT applications in harsh environments? Then you need the Cisco 829 ISR.

Deployable in high speed police and sheriff vehicles, on city buses, and in fleet vehicles, the Cisco 829 Hardened ISR is an ideal solution for mobile IoT applications where space, heat dissipation, low power consumption and exposure to extreme temperatures in harsh mobile environments, are critical factors.

The Cisco 829 ISR includes industry leading WiFi capabilities leveraging Cisco’s CleanAir technology to create a self-healing, self-optimizing WLAN services, and Advanced Wireless Services (AWS) to support Verizon Wireless LTE Advanced!

The Cisco Hardened 829 ISR Difference

To help, we offer this evaluation framework: Performance, Security & Support.



Fully integrated with Cisco IOS Software, the Cisco 829 delivers the Best.

Leveraging Cisco IOx, The 829 ISR combines enterprise-grade wireline-like services, such as quality of service (QoS), Cisco Dynamic Multipoint VPN (DMVPN), and Multi-VRF for highly secure data, voice, and video communications, and provides an extensible environment for hosting applications at the network edge.

In addition to industry leading functionality and connectivity options (tech specs found here), the 829 ISR offers Verizon Wireless 4G LTE Advanced support for fixed & mobile IoT applications, ease of deployment and management, and service extensibility to help you deploy new IoT services without compromise.

Purpose Built for Mobile Applications

Need “must work” for First Responders and Fleet Management?

For those who need to support First Responders with reliable communications, or track your important cargo on the go, you need the Cisco 829 ISR. Cisco IOS Mobile IP in the small 829 ISR form factor allows users and devices to keep the same IP address, stay connected, and maintain ongoing applications, even while roaming between IP networks.

Mobile IP is scalable for the Internet because it is based on IP. Any media that can support IP can support Mobile IP. In fact, Cisco Mobile IP allows an entire subnet or mobile network to maintain connectivity to the home network while roaming. This transparent roaming across multiple wireless networks in wide geographic areas provides unparalleled support for Mobile Fleet Management applications of the 829.

Whether in First Responders (police, medical, etc.), terrestrial delivery fleets, or air delivery fleets the 829 provides Mobile IP connectivity to get the job done!

For a primer on Mobile IP please click here. For more details on Cisco IOS IP Mobility please click here.

Geo Fencing

Keeping assets from “walking away” is critical to asset monitoring and asset security. Equipped with a GPS antenna option, the 829 provides advanced “Geo Fencing” capabilities. If you need to keep assets in a specific area Geo Fencing can monitor asset position and, if outside of the prescribed area, disable the 829.

Or, if you need to know where mobile assets are at any time, 829 GPS capabilities can provide up to date information and related piece of mind.

Simply stated, for those who need No Compromise mobile IoT application support, you need the Cisco 829 ISR!

Ease of Deployment & Management

Need management ease and application customization?

Whether you want to “Do It Yourself” or need “turn-key” deployment and management of 829 ISR, Cisco and it’s industry leading eco-system of Cisco Certified Partners, offer applications and services to deploy 829 routers with increased confidence and ease.

For DIY shops, Cisco Configuration Professional and Cisco Configuration Professional Express offer intuitive smart wizards and advanced configuration support to quickly provision services across your entire ISR infrastructure.

Need single-step deployment of high, medium, or low firewall policy settings? No problem. Need advanced configuration of Network Address Translation (NAT), QoS, and Cisco Network Admission Control policy features? Again, no problem. To simplify ISR deployment and management please see the features and benefits of Cisco Configuration manager.

Configure, De-bug & Survey via Text Message

Bolstering ease of configuration, with added no compromise extensibility to remotely customize services, the 829 ISR offers Cisco IOS ® Embedded Event Manager (EEM).

EEM is a unique subsystem within Cisco IOS Software that allows customers to harness the significant intelligence within Cisco IOS Software to respond to real-time events, automate tasks, create customized commands, and take local automated action based on conditions detected by the Cisco IOS Software.

Custom programs or scripts, referred to as EEM policies, can be programmed using a simple Command-Line-Interface (CLI)-based interface or using a scripting language called Tool Command Language (Tcl).

Save a truck roll and create customize applications at any time. Use text messaging as a method to retrieve ISR LTE interface status, radio signal strength/quality, GPS coordinates (geographical location), and ping results. Or use your browser to view the location of any of the ISRs in your network.

Several scripts already exist to support ease of provisioning, and platform and mobile management via SMS. Examples of existing scripts can be found in Cisco ISR Best Practices for Verizon Wireless LTE, also known as The Guide.

Additionally, more information on EEM, including additional scripts and an ecosystem of partners who can help you create additional scripts can be found here.

Simple Out of Band Management

Superior management capabilities such as Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) support for 3G MIB with 4G MIB and Out of Band Management further 829 deployment and management ease.

Leading Out of Band management capabilities yield lower cost and higher performance via:

  • Faster device image downloads
  • Faster log/debugging uploads and
  • Stronger Security with OOB over Verizon Wireless Mobile Private Network (MPN)

For more on powerful Out of Band capabilities, please download The Guide.

And to tap the power of SMS for ISR management, including Out of Band management please download The Guide here.

Extensibility for New Services

Need support for rich Voice and Video applications?

If you need a true platform that will take you beyond the bounds of simple data connectivity, you need the ISR 829.

Meeting application performance expectations has become more complex with the need to support Voice, Video and Wan Optimization – applications. Traditional challenges with network congestion and latency are amplified.

For example, a bank branch that needs to support traditional data connectivity, ATM connectivity and support real time employee voice and video applications and branch video surveillance applications.

A low end, data only router can not deliver the capabilities to provide these services in a single platform. The 829 ISR can. The 829 provides:

  • 4G and WiFi. The 829 now supports industry leading Advanced Wireless Services (AWS) and enterprise class built-in Wireless LAN (WLAN) capability with dual 802.11a/g/n radio. The 829 utilizes Cisco’s Clean Air technology, to create a self-healing, self-optimizing WLAN. More information can be found here.
  • 4G LTE multiple-bearer QoS for cellular allowing for latency sensitive Real Time Protocol to support prioritized voice and video traffic for Unified Communication and Collaboration applications.
  • Cisco WAN optimization system, consisting of Wide Area Application Services (WAAS) Express routers and Wide Area Application Engines (WAEs) that work together to optimize TCP traffic in your network. When client and server applications attempt to communicate with each other, the network intercepts the traffic and acts on behalf of the client application and the destination server.

For more on these compelling new features please view the 829 ISR data sheet.

Widely deployed in the world’s most demanding networks, Cisco IOS is customer proven routing software. If you want IoT device security without compromise, you want the 829 with Cisco IOS.

The Cisco 829 leverages industry leading IOS security services, including firewall, intrusion prevention, IPSec VPN and SSL VPN and Cisco ISR Web Security with ScanSafe, and Cisco IOS content filtering requiring no additional hardware or client software.

This enables branch offices, manufacturing sites, hospitals, and banks, for example, to intelligently redirect web traffic to the cloud to enforce granular security and acceptable use policies over user web traffic. With this solution, you can deploy market-leading web security quickly and easily to protect branch office users from web-based threats, such as viruses, while saving bandwidth, money, and resources.

The 829’s broadest support for wireless security GETVPN, DMVPN and Point to Point IPSec allows you the flexibility to deploy the security policy you need.

For those that want the Best in Network Security, the 829 ISR allows you to leverage Verizon Wireless Mobile Private Network (MPN). With an Industry first Multi-VRF support, the 829 supports NEMO protocol (IPv4-based Network Mobility) for Verizon Wireless DMNR (Dynamic Mobile Network Routing) services and allows for VPN flexibility and service and application security with the ability to deliver different services over different VRFs!   Gain additional information by viewing the Verizon Wireless Private Network White Paper.

Further, Cisco Mobile VPN is a Cisco IOS IP Mobility solution that offers continuous secure mobility experiences to users on the move.

Users don’t need to continually restart and re-authenticate the connection or any intranet applications running on it. This helps improve their efficiency and productivity while protecting the security of corporate mobile traffic. Find more information here.

And, since the 829 ISR is a small form factor which can be deployed in public locations, the 829 ISR offers physical router security preventing people from leveraging configurations to hack into the network and embedded modem PIN based SIM-locking to prevent use if the device is stolen.

View an easy to use matrix providing a framework and details of IOS technologies for Integrated Threat Control and VPN technologies.

View a video overview of ISR security capabilities.

And, view the webcast of how deploy secure connectivity so you can transition your WAN to less-expensive transport options with confidence.

When you place your bet on your IoT project, you need to know you are backed by the best support in the industry.   With Cisco, you are.

Do you really want to mix and match routers and OS in your network, and utilize and manage multiple support organizations?

Cisco can be that single source of support for your must work IoT and Business Continuity services.

Your Cisco account team, in concert with thousands of Cisco certified partner personnel, Cisco TAC, and support tools via the Cisco support portal, combine to provide the support you need to deliver critical services to your users.    

Your online resource for industry leading routing support (recent awards), Cisco’s technical support homepage is your portal for accessing software downloads, product documentation, support tools and resources, and opening and monitoring TAC cases.

Specific support for the ISR 819 including model details, software downloads and release information, and reference configuration and troubleshooting guides can be found here.

View support information for all product lines, or take a self guided interactive tour of the support portal, and gain information on the mobile Cisco technical support app.

Watched the Hardened ISR in action!
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