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It’s All Connected

There are currently an estimated 1.5 connected devices for every human being on the planet. All over the world, sensors, smart objects, and other devices are connecting through the reach and power of the Internet. And they’re dynamically generating, analyzing, and communicating intelligence to increase operational efficiency, power new business models, and improve quality of life. Connecting the unconnected is the Internet of Things (IoT). Let Cisco & Verizon help you harness this incredible opportunity.


How Does the IoT Affect Your World?

The exponential increase in connected devices is producing a deluge of valuable data to store, sort, and apply. This explosion of data and data analytics is generating new, more sophisticated ways to redesign processes and create new business opportunities. Of course, all of this data-crunching – and new, connected applications like video surveillance and smart meters – challenges your network capacity and your security protocols. You need expanded, adaptable, secure infrastructure to keep up as we approach an estimated 50 billion connected devices by 2020.


On the Leading Edge

Cisco & Verizon can help you manage and bring intelligence to the IoT with industry-leading solutions that feature:

  • Network expertise – Manage and bring intelligence to multiple enterprise-class networks at a scale of billions of connections
  • Advanced IP-based security – Maintain security, which is crucial given the massive number of sensors and data being connected to and moving over the network
  • Multilayer architectural approach – Support your move to an IoT connected network with seamless, end-to-end management without the need for an entirely new infrastructure
  • Highly scalable and secure, ruggedized, resilient solutions – Perform effectively under extreme conditions
  • Multi-protocol support – Promote normalization and connectivity across different network environments


Put the IoT to Work for You

Cisco & Verizon can help you turn the IoT into a hard-working asset to facilitate growth with benefits such as:

  • Data-driven operational efficiencies that reduce inventory, downtime, and time to market
  • A greater ability to support business evolution from a reliable, transparent technology foundation that is compatible with future technology releases
  • New business opportunities and revenue streams
  • Reduced risk from a holistic, more easily managed security approach to address physical and cyber vulnerabilities
  • Faster and better decision making through informed prioritization



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Watch Cisco's Internet of Everything
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