Stay Ahead of Customer Demands

Financial Services firms are operating in a challenging environment of rapid economic change, more technology-savvy customers, thinner margins, and increasing regulations. To attract new customers, many firms are looking to adopt an omnichannel strategy to improve their retail channels based on customers’ preferences to offer more personalized financial services.

But not only are your customers increasingly tech savvy… so is your workforce. The best and brightest next generation employees require their workspace to move with them. Whether enabling work to be done on a “bring your own device” (BYOD) smartphone or tablet, accessing their virtualized desktop across various endpoints, or empowering a subject matter expert to aid financial services firms and customers wherever they may be physically located, employees want this kind of flexibility today.

Maximize the potential of your people and resources to deliver a superior customer experience across financial services channels. Cisco’s solutions for Financial Services and Retail Banking unify and virtualize your organization’s data, applications, and human expertise, providing the agility and efficiency that enables the workplace transformation required to stay ahead of your most demanding customer’s needs.



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